The old main building

The condition of the house in January 2017

The old main house is built of bricks and in a style of this region called “Arcachonnais”. It looks a bit like an old gate keeper house, but bigger. From outside it looks quite good, but inside everything has to be renovated. It has been built in 1909.

The attic
For the roof we take a professional roofer from the region. We cannot do everything alone 🙂 The roofer has planned to start its work in August 2017 …
Our Idea: Installation of at least three Velux windows, creation of one separate room and a large open space, in which we can read, play music or just relax. In addition we would like to create a light-well transferring the light from the attic to the ground floor …. Let’s see if we can do it.

The first floor
The first floor is our priority since this spring.
Our Idea: Renovate 3 rooms, create one open space, integrate a bath room, remove the brick walls and replace it by dry walls (gypsum) and wooden pillars.

The ground floor
We installed an interim solution for the kitchen and the bathroom during winter/spring 2017, in order to live correctly during the weekends. We transformed one of the existing room to our bed room. We already replaced the old water boiler and the water pipes.
Our Idea: Remove the brick walls and replace it by a structure of concrete pillars and T-sections, in order to create a big open living space including a kitchen. Next to the entrance is situated the old kitchen. Here we will create an additional room for guests.

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