House stories


Story of the house finding
We have been looking for an old house or a barn for about two years to use it as a holiday house for family and friends. One of our criteria was the distance; not more than 2.5 hours from our home in Toulouse.
End of 2016 we found this property in the “Landes” a region not far from the ocean in the southwest of France. We knew this region already because we’ve spent a lot of vacation here the kids in their early years.

Story of the acquisition
At our first visit of the property all of us were impressed by this very beautiful property. It was just amazing. There is an old barn in the style of “Landaise” and a main house in the style “Arcachonaise” on the property. The property offers a lot of potential with its 1.4 ha.
The main stone house is well preserved from the outside, but must be completely renewed inside. The barn is actually only held together by the roof and a few large wooden beams.
Our plans: renovate the main house first, use it as a holiday home for family and friends. Later, we want to renovate the barn in order to create vacation homes.
We are still looking for documents, information about the property and its history, as it has been in the possession of its predecessors for more than 130 years. Not only did they run forestry, they also cultivated corn and kept bees …

Story to the owl in our avatar
The white owl was the first animal that we met on our very first visit. The owl came out an old shed. The former owners called her “La dame blanche” (the white lady) with reference to a legend here in the Landes.