An active weekend

Construction site For a long time we were three persons on the construction site. Our son came to work a little bit with us. We divided the work "according to the muscle mass". Since I have the fewest, I was allowed to clean the property outside :-). On the first floor the men had to … Continue reading An active weekend


Wood, wood …. and still more wood

If one - like us - has acquired a large property in the forest, on which the previous owners have done nothing for decades, one has wood reserves for a whole human life after tidying up. I have to be careful that the word wood doesn't become an "unword" for me, because I can't see … Continue reading Wood, wood …. and still more wood

The first layer of wooden floorboard is installed

It's been a while since the last update of our renovation, so here are some news from the house. During the weekends in August and September, Bob the Builder was busy finishing the wooden floorboard in the top floor. During the installation, we were obliged to replace two big beams because there were completely eaten … Continue reading The first layer of wooden floorboard is installed