An active weekend

Construction site
For a long time we were three persons on the construction site. Our son came to work a little bit with us. We divided the work “according to the muscle mass”. Since I have the fewest, I was allowed to clean the property outside :-).

On the first floor the men had to move things around first. The building material (rock wool, new wooden beams) – which we had acquired a long time ago – had to be moved on the other side finalized with the wooden planks.

Then they started to remove the old wooden planks in the next section above the former living room. The work was as always dusty, dirty and very exhausting, but they managed it during this weekend.

On Sunday the last part of this section was finished, the dedusting of the ceiling beams and the cleaning took a lot of time.
We also used the presence of our son to transport the heavy, long new wooden ceiling beams – which we stored in the barn – to the first floor on Sunday.

The old planks were thrawn through the windows to the outside. The huge pile of old lumber increased again. We must order probably soon again containers, but we wait until we have torn out the last part of the old floor boards (above our temporary kitchen).

Property: Tree cut hedge
In the meantime, I took care of the “other” wood laying around in our parc. My project of a hedge from tree cut did not convince the family. They didn’t like it and don’t want to have a separation to the forest.
So I created only 2 smaller heaps. We should buy a shredder in the near future to treat all this wood. This weekend I managed to collect most of the wood and stack them in one of the old barns.

The first spring flowers try to come to the daylight. I hope the deer won’t eat everything again this year. Sunday after-noon we dragged the smaller part of the excavated rhododendron bush into its new bed.



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