Wood, wood …. and still more wood

If one – like us – has acquired a large property in the forest, on which the previous owners have done nothing for decades, one has wood reserves for a whole human life after tidying up.

I have to be careful that the word wood doesn’t become an “unword” for me, because I can’t see it anymore after all this tidying up. A new piece of wood peeps out of every corner. It’s amazing what nature has to throw off. It never seems to be over, but yet our property is slowly becoming more tidy…
On the following photos you can see that the space in the old barns for storing is slowly getting scarce. We have already created several unsightly piles.
We called this fireplace our witches’ dance floor. However, it is strictly forbidden to make fires in the Landes.

Maybe one of you still remembers the terrible storm “Klaus” 10 years ago who distroyed a large part of the forest of the Landes and thee different huge forest fires the last years. ….. Therefore we burn small things in the barrel and gradually fill the other old wood into wooden containers, which we need for the construction site.
Even after several weekends, there is still a lot of wood lying around or well hidden under a thick layer of leaves.

We are already looking forward to the time when we can make a fire in the oven during the winter, but until then it is still a long way. The renovation of the house is progressing, but not as fast as we would like.
In the meantime we have to stow all the wood. One of our new projects is to make a hedge from the woodcut. I have seen various ideas on Youtube and found them good.
On the photos with the started hedge heap you can still see an old corn dryer. We will dismantle it on occasion. Then I would like to create a large shrub bed.
We will delimitqte this hedge strip with wooden piles in the next weekends, in order to store it better.  I am curious to see what this will look like and how much of the accumulated wood waste we can stack here.

… also moles and wild boars would like to participate in our redesign. Unfortunately, this animals have their own ideas of garden design, which we do not completely share. We are very sceptical about this self-initiation … the term battlefield is thee right word after a visit of a hord of wild boars. At the moment we don’t have a plan how we can handle this problem on this large property.

This winter we will plant some more trees and in spring we will add a lot of shrubs. Maybe the moles will continue digging elsewhere. This will probable not stop the wild pigs will from romping around.


2 thoughts on “Wood, wood …. and still more wood

  1. Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you! I look forward to seeing how the property progresses. You guys are doing a great job, it’s gonna look fantastic when you are done! I had no idea moles left so many piles so close together.



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