Review 2018 – Construction site

In this annual review I give a small summary of the different steps on our construction site in the main house. Unfortunately the year 2018 passed too fast for all the tasks on our list. We had to change our plans several times. Nevertheless we progressed a little bit.
Concrete pillars: February 2018
The first step to the “new” house was done => The concrete pillars were installed


Steel girder / H-Beams: March 2018
The installation of the steel girders on the concrete pillars was a matter of several tons => the steel girders are in there


Concrete floor: July 2018
Finally we’ve got our insulated concrete floor. After a long waiting period for the construction company, it was installed in 3 big stages => The concrete floor in 3 parts.


Floor in the attic: September 2018
After several months of work in the attic, in which we’ve done the following tasks …
– old, rotten wooden planks,
– who had to treat, sand and paint wooden beams affected by insect caused damage,
– had to create a new large staircase section
– the new wooden planks had to be varnished
… the Matthias was able to finishe the first layer of new wooden planks. It was finished in September. => Wooden floor boards in the attic


The floor in the first floor – December 2018
…is slowly taking shape. In mid-December Matthias has finished laying the first half with the new wooden planks. In January we will start to tear out the old planks at the next quarter (above the former living room). => Our construction site October/November 2018


Planning for 2019
I love plans and Matthias likes to throw them over the top. Let’s see how the year 2019 will go on our construction site. In the following I have listed the current planning:
Electrics: the electrics have to be installed in the walls on the first floor.
Stairs: the two new stairs should be installed
Ground floor windows: Here new windows and terrace elements must be installed
First floor: a room should be finished
Attic: If time permits, we wanted to have the interior insulation installed.





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