Our construction site in October/November 2018

After a longer break we give some updates from our construction site. There is no big change, because we were both very busy professionally and could not come to the Landes several weekends …. but we are making progress.
First floor
We have been working on the first floor for some time to renew the wooden planks. Almost half of the old floorboards is torn out. The beams were sanded, treated with wood preservatives and painted white. In the various drying breaks we sanded and varnished the new planks.

Some wooden beams had to be removed completely because they were too pitted by the insects. We managed to handle the removal and inserting of the heavy beams quite good.

Last weekend we were able to start laying the first new wooden planks in a quarter. This time we also have much less waste when cutting the planks to size, because we are working on smaller sections than in the attic.
You can see the progress on the following photos.

Here we had to foam the open sides, because small birds and many insects came through and polluted the new planks. Unfortunately we cannot insulate the roof from the inside this winter, because we don’t have enough time.
Septic tank
In the meantime, we have also received the authorization that we can install the septic tank as planned. Now we wait for the feedback from the bricklayer when he can start with the work.


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