The weekend from the 5th to 7th October

Parquet – Friday
We ordered new wooden planks for the first floor from the sawmill close to our property. We took a day off to pick up the charge, because the mill is only open during the week. The 80 m2 did not fit into the car trailer at once, so we had to make two trips.

Septic tank – Saturday
For the installation of our septic tank, our mason came by on Saturday morning with large equipment to dig a 2 meter deep hole for us. This hole is needed to carry out a soil condition test for the local office. This test will determine whether we can get the permission for the installation of the tank.
I keep wondering how so many plants can thrive in this sandy soil.

1st floor
The first section with the beams supporting the first floor was treated  with wood preservative three times over the weekend. There we can start painting the beams next time. After a big clean-up action in the first floor, I started to tear out the old planks in the next section. We hope that next weekends we can start painting the beams.

Delimit property
We decided to make the property limits somehow recognizable. Therefore we bought simple wooden sticks. In the future, a plant (shrub or tree) will be planted on each stick, so that in a few years only the plants will be visible. We also planted a new tree (Mirabelle) for the orchard meadow.

The winegrowers
This year’s rich grape harvest has encouraged us to bring some order to the vines, planted in spring and to add new ones. We have moved two old vines from the orchard and I have brought 3 new plants from the discounter. We have protected each plant with stones. This should make it difficult for the wild pigs to dig out the plants.
At the moment everything looks still a bit pitiful, but we are hopeful that the plants will grow well. After all we are not far from Bordeaux.



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