Harvest 2018

In the following article I give a short summary of this year’s harvest in the Landes and the resulting cans:
Apples – “good”
Even if “poachers” have secretly cleared one of the old 3 apple trees on our property during our absence, there was still enough left of the two remaining trees.
However, our apple varieties are not the rigtht for apple juice and we harvested them too early. We realized it only after the acquisition of the following devices: Fruit press (Amazon) & apple mill.

The kitchen was quite a battlefield after the attempt to made fresh apple juice without any notable result. So after a waste of energy – we made classic applesauce of it. This is also tasty. On a new attempt next year….

Wine – “much better”
We had a big surprise concerning the wine. We didn’t expect much, because the wine growing on the left hand side at the barn had dried completely or was emptied by the insects. But there was so much wine under the leaves on the right side that we had about 20 to 25 kg.

Finally we could use the new press: we made tasty juice, many cans of wine jelly, which is enough for the next three years.
20180920_095646Vegetables – “a great flop…”
Here no success, but we didn’t put much energy into it either. I bought the plants at a weekly market in the Landes. The only plant that survived the deer and snail attacks produced one tomato. I kept the seeds for next year, because the shape of the tomato is  funny.

Maize and carrots
We could have win every miniature competition 🙂 Unfortunatelly it was not enough for a vegetable soup. I also saved a few corn grains as seeds.

If our time allow it, we might try a real vegetable garden next year.



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