The first layer of wooden floorboard is installed

It’s been a while since the last update of our renovation, so here are some news from the house.
During the weekends in August and September, Bob the Builder was busy finishing the wooden floorboard in the top floor. During the installation, we were obliged to replace two big beams because there were completely eaten by insects. The replacement was no easy task, but fortunately we had active support.

We have once again changed our plans a little bit. We decided to replace the wooden floor on the first floor before starting with electrics. The advantage on the first floor: we can lay the wooden floorboard piece by piece and not from one end to the other all at once.

The first quarter is removed. These wooden planks where in a better shape than in the top floor, but more difficult to remove. Last weekend we started sanding the beams, then we have to treat them with wood preservative and last but not least we have to paint them with white paint.
In the meantime Bob the builder continues tinkering with his unloved metal frame for the plasterboards on the 1st floor.


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