The death of the old sheds

When we acquired the property a year and a half ago, we also inherited also a couple of old sheds which carried a great risk of collapse. We wanted to demolish these sheds for a while, but we never had time to deal with them because the house renovation was our priority. Finally we planned three days for the demolition of the five old sheds this summer.

Alte Scheunen vorher

There were four of us. It was very hot the first week of August and the work was very hard and a little dangerous. There was a risk that old bricks could fall on our heads, rusty nails could pierce our shoes (which happened several times) and a risk of contact with dangerous products, which were stored in bags and barrels in the sheds, but it went well.

It took us five days to demolish at least three of the five sheds. We filled a 15 m3 wood bin, a 30 m3 wood bin and a 7.5 m3 rubble bin.

We are very satisfied with the result. Now we need to add garden mold and compost mixed with sand, in order to create a flourishing bed. I hope to be able to publish soon the first results of our plantations in The Garden section.


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